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Dear Friend,

        How would you like to save hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars in legal costs and lawyers' fees in your day-to-day routine affairs?

        How would you like to protect your legal rights as a homeowner, landlord, consumer, creditor, borrower, small business owner, employer or employee?

        How would you like to make sure that your personal assets are protected and your family is well taken care of in case something happened to you?

        How would you like to bring order to your personal affairs and make them "legally correct" so that you'll have the full protection of the law when you need it?

Let me give you some examples where a contract or
agreement has to be in written form in order to be valid.

  • All real property transactions - sale, purchase, transfer or reconveyance -have to be in written form.
  • A lease or tenancy for a period greater than one year is generally required to be a written agreement.
  • Most borrowing or lending transactions whether secured or unsecured should spell out terms and conditions in detail for the protection of both parties.
  • Commonsense and prudence dictate that most business agreements ranging from forming a partnership to the sale of a business must  be written in precise language.
  • By the same token, many employer-employee agreements should also be in the form of a written contract. Such a contract, by defining responsibilities of each party, may head off potential problems in the future.
  • All powers of attorney - general or specific - have to be in writing.
  • Even in your personal family matters, whether writing a Will, making a gift or entering into marital contracts, the law requires that such agreements be in written form.


Get the Full Protection of the Law

    In many cases, unless your agreement is in writing and precisely worded, you may not have any recourse in a court of law.

Now you can have such protection without hiring the services of an expensive lawyer. The Legal Forms Kit has dozens of tear-out, fill-in-the-blanks contracts and agreements for most common types of business and personal transactions. These forms are organized under eleven different categories with an easy-to-follow index. The Kit explains to you in simple language how and where these forms can be used. In many cases, we've included optional forms that you may want to use to achieve a desired result. In other words, you can use a particular form as it is or you can adapt it to meet your specific needs.

Various Situations Where You Can Use the Kit

   Let me show you some other typical situations in which the Legal Forms Kit can save you money and protect your interests.

       As an owner of real property, if you wish to transfer, convey or sell property, the Legal Forms Kit has all the forms you need. Grant Deed. Warranty Deed. Deed of Trust. Quit Claim Deed. General Form of Contract for Sale of Real Property. Option to Buy. Forms to put or remove a lien or reconvey the property.

       If you're a landlord of residential or commercial property,the Kit has the forms that allow you to conduct your day-to-day business: Month-to-Month Tenancy Agreement. Lease Agreement. Rent Due Notice. Termination of Lease. Virtually everything you need to manage your real estate without having a lawyer on retainer.

       If you own a small business, the Kit can help you with: General Business Agreements. Buy/Sell Agreement. Bill of Sale. UCC Financing Statement. Agreement for Sale of Business. Financial Worksheets. Conditional Sales Contract. Consignment Agreement. The Legal Forms Kit can actually be the tool you need for the smooth, day-to-day operation of your business.
       Download printable free legal forms software for California, Florida and Texas. Real estate contracts and agreements for US online business.Partnership Agreement. Form a simple business partnership. Use the model form in the Kit. Assign or sell a partnership interest. Sever a partnership. Now you can save hundreds of dollars by using these precisely-worded, all-encompassing forms.
         As an employer, the Legal Forms Kit is an essential guide to keep you in compliance with various state and federal labor laws: Employment Application. Employment Agreement. Independent Contractor Agreement. Agreement with a Consultant. Employee Confidentiality Agreement. Employee Non-Compete Agreement. Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance. Termination of Employment.
       In your dealings with a bank or lender, you'll need an income statement or balance sheet. The Kit has pro-forma worksheets that you can fill in.
       To help you collect what's owed to you, the Kit has forms ranging from Consumer/Business Credit Application to Final Notice Before Legal Action. Other forms: Request for Payment. Notice of Overdue Account. Transmittal for Collection.
       Power of Attorney. Limited or general. Here are forms you may need to authorize someone to act in your behalf. For instance, allow your agent to sell a particular stock or close an escrow while you're away. Or grant him unlimited broad powers to handle all your transactions.
       Contract for Sale of Personal Property. Contract to Sell an Automobile. Bill of Sale. Buying and Selling Goods. Option to Purchase Personal Property. Now you can get the full protection of the law by using these forms in your transactions. You can avoid the costly misunderstandings of a verbal agreement.
       Download printable free legal forms software for California, Florida and Texas. Real estate contracts and agreements for US online business. In your personal area, you'll be able to use forms for which attorneys routinely charge hundreds of dollars: Basic Will. Codicil. Antenuptial Agreement. Postnuptial Agreement. Separation Agreement. Deed of Gift. Gift to Minor. There's even a form for you to prepare a Living Will or one that allows you to donate organs or body for transplant or medical research.

Let's face it. Most common transactions do not require the services of an expensive attorney. Buying or selling your home. Leasing it to a tenant. Collecting your rent or evicting a tenant for nonpayment. Assigning a power of attorney to a friend while you're on a vacation. Making a gift to your son. Selling your automobile. Setting up a simple partnership agreement. Hiring and firing your employees. Now you can have at your fingertip all the forms you need to carry on your day-to-day affairs and have the benefit of a written document that spells out the terms and obligations of the parties.

What Do Attorneys Charge?

Power of Attorney $75 -$175
Simple Will $75 -$250
Real Property Transfer $100 -$150
Tenant Eviction $250 -$350
Business Partnership Agreement $450 -$1000
Lease - Option Contract $250 - $350
Simple Marital Agreement $500 - $700
Notice of Overdue Account $50 - $150
Promissory Note $50 - $150
Trademark Application $250 - $450

"... Best single source for all the legal forms one may need ... Covers practically all the situations. Using just one form may save hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars."

Some of the Legal Forms you'll have at your fingertips:

Real Estate - Homeowner

Sale and Purchase of Real Property
Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Single
Family Residence
Option to Purchase Real Estate
Listing Agreement Between Broker and Seller
Property Information Checklist
Escrow Agreements; Escrow Instructions
Warranty Deed; Quitclaim Deed; Grant Deed;
Corporation Grant Deed
Co-tenancy; Contribution by Co-tenant
Mechanic's Lien; Release of Lien; Prelien
Notice to Owner

Demand Note; Note in Series; Installment Note
Confession of Judgment on Default Assignment of Promissory Note
Notice to Obligor of Assignment of Secured Promissory Note
Agreement Guarantying Performance of Contract
Absolute Guaranty of Payment of Obligation
Revocation of Guaranty
Default of Obligor and Demand for Payment
Indemnity Agreement; Bond of Performance
Release by Individual; Release of All Claims;
Mutual Release
Covenant Not to Sue
Release of Claims Based on Automobile Accident


General Form of Partnership Agreement  Personal Services Partnership
Assignment of Partnership Interest
Sale of Partnership Interest to Third Party Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Partnership Interest of Deceased Partner Withdrawing Partner
     - Option of Remaining Partners to           Purchase Interest
     - Valuation of Share of Partnership

Sale of Goods

Contract for the Sale of Goods; Sale on Consignment
Supplemental Forms: Time of Delivery; Place of Delivery: Sale on Approval, Sale or Return;
Inspection by Buyer; Duties With Respect to Rejected Goods; Disclaimer of Implied Warranties
Notice of-Rejection of Goods
Bill of Sale; General Form of Conditional Sales Contract
Security Agreement; Financing Statement Notice to Principal Debtor of Assignment    Demand for Payment of Open Account Agreement - Settlement of Account


Employment Application
Employment Contract; Employment Agreement
Agreement Not to Disclose Trade Secrets Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance  Final Warning Before Dismissal  Termination: by Employer or Employee at Will; for Cause; for or Due to Destruction of Business
Agreement With Independent Contractor; Agreement With Consultant

Leases and Tenancies

Rental Application
Rental Agreement; Lease of House; Lease of Apartment
Lease with Option to Purchase Agreement
Tenant Move out/Closing Statement Rules and Regulations of Apartments
Commercial Lease
Notice of Change in Terms of Tenancy; Notice of Termination
30-Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit Guaranty of Payment of Rent

Credit and Collections

Consumer Loan Application;
Business Credit Application
Statement of Credit Denial, Termination or Change
Notice of Overdue Account
Final Notice Before Legal Action Transmittal for Collection
Notice to Bank to Stop Payment on Check;
Notice of Dishonor of Check

Sale of Personal Property

Agreement for Sale of Automobile
Bill of Sale of Automobile by Individual to Individual
Option to Purchase Personal Property

Small Business
Fictitious Business Name Application
Agreement for Sale of Assets; Agreement for Sale of Business
Non-Competition Covenant by Seller  Pro-Forma Statement of Assets and Liabilities
Pro-Forrna Profit and Loss Statement  Permission to Quote From Copyrighted Work
Assignment of Copyright; Trademark Application; Assignment of Trademark

Power of Attorney

General Power of Attorney; Special Power of Attorney
Notice of Revocation of Power of Attorney
Durable Power of Attorney
Notice of Revocation of Durable Power of Attorney
Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care


Last Will and Testament; Sample Codicil Deed of Gift; Gift to Minor Under Uniform Gift to Minors Act
Authorization to Release Medical Information
Living Will; Donor Card; Gift Under Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
Revocation of Prior Anatomical Gift Nonmarital Cohabitation Agreement Premarital Agreement
Postnuptial Property Agreement  Combined Separation. Property Settlement. Support and Custody Agreement
Community Property Agreement that Earnings Remain Separate Property Agreement to Convert Separate Property into Community Property
Agreement Converting Joint Tenancy Property into Community Property Agreement Between Husband and Wife to Convert Community Property into Tenancy in Common
Personal Balance Sheet


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