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Lawsuit and offshore asset protection strategy and planning kit. Protect your assets from lawsuits, group judgments, trust creditors, IRS, and garnishments.

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How to Make Yourself Judgment Proof!
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"We Live In a Sue-Crazy Society"

Do you deserve to keep the hard earned assets you have accumulated in your life?

HOW DO YOU USE ASSET PROTECTION STRATEGY TO PROTECT YOUR ASSETS from being grabbed by creditors, customers, patients, tenants, employees, the IRS, or even your ex-spouse?

HOW DO YOU PROTECT YOURSELF as a homeowner, businessman, professional, landlord, doctor, investor, or even simply as a consumer?

NOW YOU CAN BUILD A FINANCIAL FORTRESS by using asset protection planning to shelter your assets from the lawsuit epidemic.
Dear Friend,

       We've all seen these headlines:

        "Jurors Award $9.7 Million in Battery Blast"
        "I'll Sue. That's What I'll Do."
        "Boy, 7, sued when he rode bike into street causing truck driver to swerve"
        "Landlord Assessed $1 Million in Damages"
        "Mother is sued for $400,000 in unpaid bills for son who died waiting for transplant"          
        "$1 Million award for Bee Sting"
        "Chef sues in Attack by Goose"

        Some of these stories may appear bizarre, even amusing. But trust me, if you happen to be at the receiving end, they could prove deadly. Litigation in America is serious stuff.

       A lawsuit from a totally unexpected source can wipe out everything you have worked so hard to accumulate. In one big fell swoop, your lifetime of planning and savings could become prey to a judgment creditor and his gold-digging attorney.

Protect your assets from lawsuits, judgments, creditors, IRS, and garnishments with an asset protection strategy kit. Plan and protect your assets from lawsuits, judgments, creditors, IRS, and garnishments with an offshore asset protection trust kit. A target group of specialists and lawyers from Nevada, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Boston and Washington DC. A guaranteed team of asset protection consultants and specialists are performing bullet proof consulting services for employers, corporations and real estate firms.

Lawsuit and Asset Protection Kit

        To help you insulate your assets from lawsuits, lawyers and other liabilities, we've put together the Lawsuit and Asset Protection Kit (completely updated).  It shows you all the legal asset protection strategies you can use to protect your home, automobile, bank accounts, precious investments and even your business from the hands of a judgment creditor, taxman or lawyer. It is the most comprehensive guide with actual examples, strategies and step-by-step instructions to help you obtain the maximum protection under the law.

        With the help of this kit, perhaps you'll be able to sleep a little easier with peace-of-mind, knowing that your asset protection planning keeps your hard-earned assets from being seized to satisfy a judgment.

Ownership of Property

        What's the best way to hold title to your home or other assets?

  • Joint tenancy, tenancy by the entirety, community property. The way you own a property will determine whether a creditor or IRS can seize it. Also, it determines whether you pay a whopping tax or pay nothing.
  • How to avoid joint liability on your spouse's debts.
  • Protecting, jointly-held property from creditors.
  • Protecting community property, State-by-state analysis.
  • Business owners: Seven-point planning check list to limit your legal exposure and liability
  • "Secret strategy" to protection of assets in a revocable living trust.
  • Professionals (doctors, lawyers), businessmen and property owners. You are on a "hot list" for lawsuits. Easy money for lawyers.
  • Exempt property. In every state, the law gives you a right to insulate certain property from attachment by a judgment creditor. What's an exempt property? How do you assert your right to exemption? How could you lose this exemption?
  • First line of defense for a businessman. Strategy steps every businessman must take to protect his personal assets.

Family Limited Partnership

According to some experts, this may be one of the most 
important asset protection strategies, but one of the least known 
vehicles available to you to protect your assets against a judgment creditor.

  • Family limited partnership. A unique asset protection strategy, very little under stood by most attorneys or financial planners. If done correctly, a creditor of an individual partner may be completely thwarted from attaching partnership property. Learn how to use it to protect the breadwinner in the family from ruinous lawsuits or crippling judgments.
  • John and Mary Smith own several parcels of real property, mainly apartment buildings, worth several million dollars. They form a family partnership between themselves and their two children. 
    Benefits of this strategy? Protection of the estate for the family and substantial tax savings
  • How to protect yourself after a lawsuit is threatened or commences against you.

How To Be Judgment Proof

    A lawyer friend once told me in jest that the best liability insurance anybody could have was to be completely Poverty-stricken and destitute. If you own nothing, you've nothing to lose. You'd in essence be a turnip and nobody can get blood out of a turnip. You'll be judgment proof.

   But, hey, wait a minute! If you're completely poverty-stricken, possibly even homeless and living on the dole, you've become judgment proof, granted. But is it any fun? No one wants to be judgment proof if it means living in the streets.

    Relax, an asset protection strategy (recommended by a leading legal authority on business and financial planning) outlined in the Lawsuit and Asset Protection Kit doesn't make you destitute or homeless. You'll own and control all your assets, run your business essentially the same way and continue to enjoy the finer things life has to offer as a reward for your honest labor. It's simple, legitimate and it works.

  • Four major advantages of family partnership. Includes helpful hints in planning and forming a family partnership and eight essential features.
  • Learn how to form a limited partnership. The magical words and clauses you should use. What a typical  limited partnership should look like. How to combine it with other tools available to obtain the maximum protection possible.
  • Trusts can protect your assets, save on taxes and provide security for your family. Living trusts, Irrevocable trusts, Insurance trusts and Business trusts.
  • IRAs, Keoghs and other pension plans. How safe is the money you've been putting away in a pension plan for your retirement from the hands of a judgment creditor? Surprisingly, the answer would depend upon whether you intend to file for bankruptcy.
  • More than any other kind of debt, debts incurred for medical services are probably the most debilitating to anyone's financial well-being. Medical debts are the leading cause of personal bankruptcies and home foreclosures. How do you defend yourself if you find yourself in such a predicament?
  • Planning on transferring assets to family members or friends to put them out of reach of creditors? Good idea? How can you avoid falling into this trap? How to avoid fraudulent transfers.
  • How to protect yourself as a judgment creditor. Ten ways to locate a missing debtor. How to get strangers to help you.
  • Life insurance. How safe is it from the reach of a creditor?
  • Answer to litigation explosion: Buy more business liability or professional malpractice insurance? Of course, not. We show you six practical, proven alternatives.
  • Homeowner's first line of defense. How you might be able to protect your home from the claims of most judgment creditors.
  • Generally, when we speak of protecting your assets we speak in terms of protecting them from potential litigants and judgment creditors. But believe it or not, marriage (at divorce) can deal a bigger blow to your financial security. This may or may not apply to you, but the Lawsuit and Asset Protection planning kit shows you how to protect your assets before marriage, during marriage and after marriage.
  • Five sure-fire strategies to keep bill collectors at bay. All without going to court. Six legal remedies against abusive debt collectors.
  • Judgment creditors. Collect the debt owed to you. Step-by-step planning instructions and little-known "trade secrets."
  • Safeguarding your assets from malpractice or tort claims. Asset protection strategy advice from leading attorneys.


Lawsuit and Asset Protection Kit 
Protect your assets from lawsuits, judgments, creditors, IRS, and garnishments with an asset protection strategy kit. 

How to be judgment proof. Step-by-step strategy.

  • " How to protect your family if you're planning on starting a financially hazardous business venture.
  • Seven items that you, as a business owner, must check to limit your legal exposure and liability.
  • Family limited partnership. If done correctly, a creditor of an individual partner may be completely thwarted from attaching partnership property.
  • Life insurance trust as an asset protection device.
  • How to stop debt collection harassment without litigation or bankruptcy. Five strategies.
  • "Secret Strategy" provides protection of assets in a revocable living trust.
  • Nine hurdles that a creditor of a limited partner has to cross. This is what makes a limited partnership such an excellent asset protection device.
  • Business trusts. How good are they in protecting your business assets?
  • Using homestead exemption to protect your most-valuable asset.
  • How do you protect your home and other assets once a lawsuit is threatened or commences? When is it too late to do anything?
  • How to combine the two powerful tools - incorporation and family limited partnership - to shield your assets from litigants and creditors, reduce taxes and protect your children's inheritance.
  • Can IRS attach your jointly-held account if your joint tenant is delinquent with his taxes? How about a judgment creditor? Does he have the same rights?
  • As a business owner, how you can insulate your stable business from a risky business.
  • Badges of fraud. What are they? How can you avoid them?
  • Homeowner's first line of defense. How you might be able to protect your home from the claims of most judgment creditors.  
  • If you're a professional (such as a doctor, lawyer or CPA) you are an attractive target for mal-practice or tort lawsuits. Same goes for a Businessman. Read how to protect your assets from the claims of creditors.
  • Irrevocable trusts, Three-fold benefits: Protection from creditors, estate planning and income tax saving. Six precautions to take while setting up the trust.  

A Very Personal Note ...

I was not sure I wanted to include this note in this page since it touches upon a very personal incident that happened not too long ago. But that incident is just the kind of thing we've talked about in this letter and in the Lawsuit and Asset Protection Kit, so I've decided to share my experience with you.

When we first published the Lawsuit and Asset Protection Kit a few years ago, it was done in response to this terrible litigation fire that has been sweeping across America. On any given day you cannot pick up a newspaper without reading at least a couple of stories about somebody going after somebody's deep pockets for some real or imaginary grievance. But, as with most people, this all seemed very remote to me until...

You see, I own several rental properties as part of my investment portfolio. Last February at one of these properties, a 3-year-old daughter of a tenant fell into the swimming pool while chasing a puppy dog on a tricycle. The little girl survived but became permanently disabled, lost all brain and motor functions. Where were the parents? Father had left the patio door open after he had led the girl outside to start a barbecue and was working in the garage, while mother was watching a movie on TV. In short, nobody was HERE watching the girl.

Where does the landlord come into the picture? He came into the picture because he was the one with deep pockets. It hardly mattered that I had done absolutely nothing wrong. The tenant and their attorney saw a pot of gold over the head of that little comatose girl.

It is incidents like these that strike terror in the hearts of anyone who has toiled all his life to build a nest egg only to be stripped away by someone on the slightest pretext. Even when you are totally innocent you could lose everything you own in one fell swoop.

Through the grace of God and sheer fortuitous planning, I came out of the crisis unscathed. You see, I had taken the steps to protect my investments and other assets. I had followed the asset protection strategies that are outlined in the book. But believe me, there were moments when I doubted if I would be left with anything.

And you know, I learned several things not covered in the Kit that made my assets completely inaccessible to anyone. You learn things faster when your neck is on the line. In the revised edition you'll see many asset protection strategies not covered before (you may not learn these from your lawyer or CPA either), such as: offshore havens, secrecy laws, multiple corporations, business trusts all with actual examples and illustrations.

So here it is:  If you think disaster won't strike you, think again. Then, be ready for that time because once it strikes it's too late.

Bullet proof asset protection planning.

Here's What Our Customers Have to Say 
about the Lawsuit and Asset Protection Kit

  • "As a landlord I believe my assets are particularly vulnerable to lawsuits for a variety of reasons. Before I had read Lawsuit and Asset Protection Kit, I had placed all my properties into revocable trusts (land trust). I then believed that these assets were completely "bullet proof" from creditors. After reading the Lawsuit and Asset Protection Kit, I now realize these assets may not be as "bullet proof" as I had originally thought. "I was also just notified by one of my associates that an expert tax attorney who also gives tax seminars (from Newport Beach, CA), also highly recommends all the books/kits published by you.  So YES, I highly recommend the Lawsuit and Asset Protection strategy kit for anybody who has concerns over keeping their assets that they have worked for and earned over the years for themselves and their loved ones." P. H., Portland, CT
  • "You have tackled a complex problem that is plaguing more and more Americans everyday. And you have not only figured out a solution, but you have explained it so that an average ordinary person can read it and understand it." D.N., Tennessee
  • "Best I have seen and worth its times again and again. You would have to go thru a life time of troubles and you still wouldn't know with the lawyers of today." R.V., Defiance, OH
  • "Very thorough coverage yet simple to comprehend. Should be an asset to anyone in need of information... Provides peace of mind." V.C.W., Kingsburg, CA
  • "Very well organized and informative. A must in the battle to keep what you've worked so hard for." C.B., Germantown, TN
  • "Very good and well-written Kit. Gave me good ideas, strategies and procedures to use to protect assets. It's practical as it gives those of us who aren't sophisticated about law how to protect our assets." N.W.Y., Los Angeles, CA
  • "I've had several occasions to use the Lawsuit and Asset Protection Kit. It is a valuable reference in my library! I have more peace of mind thanks to your informative publication." P.F., Lihue, HI
  • "It is very effective ... virtually a necessity for the working library of every independent businessman and professional." D.V.P., Flint, MI
  • "Any one point in the book, if applicable to your situation, would make the book worth buying, many times over." N.L.B., Long Island, NY
  • "I never thought I would be able to buy a book like this that would be so helpful in protecting my business. Because everyone is so sue-crazy anyone with assets should have a Lawsuit and Asset Protection Kit." B.M., Sacramento, CA
  • "It was helpful in planning an overall estate plan. I've since reading it formed a family limited partnership and two corporations." W.K., Johnstown, PA
  • "The information provided in the Kit was comparable to that in books sold at $400 at lawsuit and asset protection planning seminars presented by attorneys. This is a bargain and I'm glad I didn't have to pay $400." M.J., Sacramento, CA 
  • "I've found it to be very informative and helpful. It has been placed with other important reference books in my library. Keep up the good work." J.K., Old Westbury, NY
  • "Excellent book. Your chapters on incorporation and trusts were very good." R.U., Buffalo, NY
  • "Many good idea's ... in that it spells out in great detail how to set up corporations that are judgment proof." R.F.T., Northampton, PA
  • "Excellent resource for reference material. I have used it to be able to have a greater understanding of laws that affect me. When I speak to my lawyer about items of concern I look it up in the book, make notes, questions, ideas, and find our meetings much more fruitful. Lawyers have a greater respect for your questions. They seem surprised (and impressed) that a layman is so competent about legal issues." G.C., Glen Head, NY
  • "It contains a set of concise and explicit criteria clarifying the issues it presents in a readily understandable way, which I find useful (as a non-lawyer)." L.J.P., Tucson, AZ

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      The Lawsuit and Asset Protection Kit offers no questionable, funny little tricks. We do not believe in evading just debts or taxes, or surreptitiously transferring assets to defraud judgment creditors. Everything you'd be doing would be perfectly legal, completely sanctioned by law and practiced by prudent individuals all over.

As always your Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Most people wait till they have legal problems before starting to put their affairs in order. More often than not, it's too late by then. But this need not happen to you. With the help of the Lawsuit and Asset Protection Kit, you can insulate your assets long before the trouble appears.  

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 Protect your assets from lawsuits, judgments, creditors, IRS, and garnishments with an asset protection strategy kit. 

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