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My 'system' idea, I call "Zero Tolerance".

For single zero roulette.



Stake 1 unit on Ist Dozen (1-12)

Stake 1 unit on 2nd Dozen (13-24)

Stake 0.5 unit on numbers 25-30

Stake 0.5 unit on ZERO

You are covering 30 numbers + the zero for a 3 unit total stake

You only win when the 0 comes up.

Play this roulette system with the same stake every spin until you win or losses are -18 (end of session)

Most spins you will get your 3 units returned.

If the number spun is 31 to 36 you of course show a loss of 3 units.

If 0 comes up with no losses you win 15 units

if 0 comes up and you have had 1 loss then you win 12 units

if 0 comes up and you have had 2 losses then you win 9 units

if 0 comes up and you have had 3 losses then you win 6 units

if 0 comes up and you have had 4 losses then you win 3 units

if 0 comes up and you have had 5 losses then you will be LEVEL

The 6th loss results in a net loss of 18 units. End of session with this roulette system.

It can be played with low value or high value chips. You only play 3 units per spin.

Your maximum roulette system profit per session is 15 units. (Zero came up with no losses)

Well, there it is, a simple staking plan without using many chips.

You need patience and tolerance though whilst you wait for the zero to show up. 

I do hope that you continue to work to find the best roulette systems out there. 

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